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Site Map
My website at a glance. This website gives you a glimpse of my work. The images in the galleries are standardized to fit the web format, some of these images are details from larger pieces. Queries re any of the works will clarify size and medium for you, just contact Ev.

Gallery 1
Gallery One
This gallery previews the exhibition opening on 16th May at The Light factory Gallery in Eltham. The works include acrylics on canvas exploring the escalator theme. Monotypes also feature in this exhibition. This exhibition is open at Wednesday to Sunday until 10th June 2012.

Gallery 2
Gallery Two
Images that show the drama of our landscape. Vistas, mountains and moods. Ev uses the watercolour to amplify the impact.

Gallery 3
Gallery Three
Figurative works explore aspects of life today both in Australia and overseas. There is always some definitive element that puts us firmly in the 21st century.

Gallery 4
Gallery Four
Back to nature again and here the mountains are full of colour and mystery. Ev loves to let the watercolour medium tell her story.

Gallery 5
Gallery Five
Trees are such an important part of our landscape. Ev explores the variety and the different moods that the trees can create. A truly revealing look at an old favourite.

Gallery 6
Gallery Six
Water is the key element in this group of paintings. Thre is never any shortage of inspiration anywhere there is a body of water in the landscape.

Gallery 7
Gallery Seven
One of my most treasured and closely guarded three hours each week is the life session which is the corner stone for my life as an artist. Each drawing is a challenge to be so in tune with the image that one line "says it all".

Gallery 8
Gallery Eight
Monotypes reveal Ev's love of the immediacy of this art form. Simply stated the images have a clarity that intrigues. You will find a new batch at the exhibition in May 2012.

Gallery 9
Gallery Nine
Karijini in the Pilbara mde such a huge impact on me. Anytime i am feeling the need for some warmth I revisit the images from this part of the world. "Colour Pulsates" really says it all.

Gallery 10
Gallery Ten
My Backyard series of prints on paper.