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November 11

Painting diligently and once again the ideas percolate, froth around and finally settle on to paper - or in this case canvas. Yes I am actually painting on canvas with a series of acrylics which will form the basis of my exhibition in April next year.  The change in medium is taking a little while to settle as I am so used to the flow of the watercolour.  Once these works are finished the printing press is going to be out for a series of monotypes, so there is no shortage of ideas for what is about to be born in the studio.

It was great to meet with friends, not seen for some years, whilst in Sydney.  We met to paint outdoors and then in the Queen Victoria Building - both were more teaching than painting for myself.  But it provided a refreshing look at a space that I have explored in the past and will re look at soon.  What a fabulous block full of treasures where the old and new overlap without conflict and the busyness of the area reflects the bustle of city life.   How does one capture the sense of 'noise' in a painting?  City life is inevitably that - noisy - both sound and sight are assaulted each moment and it is fascinating how much noise the brain can filter out - when you really stop and listen to how many sounds you can hear.

November is all about Port Fairy  and Open Studios.  Both events are exhausting and stimulating.    Port Fairy this year has an added interest as we are having an exhibition of the works that were done during and evolved from the trip to Turkey.  This will be displayed at Rebecca's Cafe a meeting point for almost everyone who visits Port Fairy.  There will be a get together late on Saturday 12th in the afternoon - so if you are in the Port or close to - wander down to Rebeccas after 3.30.  I will also be demonstrating at the Warrnambool Art Society on Wednesday 9th November at their meeting.  A subject from Port Fairy will be the demo piece.  We plan to visit the Tarrawarra Music Festival which we included last year in our painting program, so all in all it is going to be a great 10 days of painting and fellowship.

Then home and Open Studios on the final two weekends in November.  I do enjoy these times as a chance to share my magic with others, in my space.  Of course the book will be tangible evidence of the breadth of my adventures over the past 4 decades which will add another dimension for visitors this year.

I have an article in the Australian Artist this month  - November - aimed to raise a wider awareness of the book in time for Christmas.  What better Christmas gift for artistic friends?