Ev Hales - 'A Work In Progress'

Released in July 2011 "Ev Hales - A Work In Progress" is a new book by artist Ev Hales.

This beautifully bound, hardcover, is not another “How-To” book or coffee table volume but rather the more rare and compelling “Why” and it is written in the artists own voice. Few books are written by the artist about why they do this or that and how they arrived at a point where they wanted and could paint as they do. Ev Hales book offers a unique insight into the evolution of the artists thought process before, during and after completion of a work.

“When I decided to write this book I wanted to create something I would like to read. I wanted the book to have my voice as well as my images. What has evolved is something quite unexpected. I didn’t expect to learn about myself from this project. Having to verbalize what I have always done instinctively has revealed, to me, the essence of what I do.”

Offering a compelling insight into the mind of this artist and her creative process A Work In Progress will provide interesting reading and creative inspiration to all who are interested in art and inspired to paint.

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A Work In Progress is available in leading art supply stores and independent bookstores,  Books are also available on Ev Hales website. If you do not want to purchase a book remember you can always request your local library obtain a copy.

Featuring in the Australian Artist magazine, November 2011 a snippett of the book which is not a how to book but rather a why book.