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"Painting En Plein Air" by Ev Hales -ebook

10 ebooks in the “Painting with Ev Hales”  series  are currently under production.  These instructional ebooks are capitalizing on 4 decades of art teaching and arts practice.  The books when completed with have in excess of 1000 quality images as well as a wealth of ways to think strategically about medium and subject matter when painting.  The books are relevant for all artists in the sense of idealogy and subject matter discussion and exploration but with specific reference to watercolour because this area is Ev Hales’ primary medium and her work is outstanding. For the watercolour artist there is a mass of material in terms of how to use this medium and how to work in partnership with this capricious, exciting  painting medium.

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Ev Hales - 'A Work In Progress'

Released in July 2011 "Ev Hales - A Work In Progress" is a new book by artist Ev Hales.

This beautifully bound, hardcover, is not another “How-To” book or coffee table volume but rather the more rare and compelling “Why” and it is written in the artists own voice. Few books are written by the artist about why they do this or that and how they arrived at a point where they wanted and could paint as they do. Ev Hales book offers a unique insight into the evolution of the artists thought process before, during and after completion of a work.