title>Ev Hales Artist

My Philosophy
Painting for me is a journey. Something in my daily life will spark my interest, like the escalators and pavements we build in our urban spaces, (see gallery 1). This leads to a body of work that explores a theme. The urban patterns are clearly defined, unlike pathways in the natural world that are not so clear - grassy areas, where the water or animals find their way, or in the sky as the clouds are carried across the heavens by the wind.

Isn't it amazing that the sky remains essentially the same over hundreds of years, yet the land bears the marks of time very visibly. Man's influence often has had disasterous consequences for the natural world. I am conscious of the need to record and comment on what I see, in this, the 21st Century. I love the drama and beauty of our natural world as well as its devastation - whether this is from natural occurances, like the bush fires, prolonged droughts or floods, which we are living through at present. SOme events are nature inspired others exacerbated by our presence in such numbers on the planet. In every case nature finds a way to reinvent herself. Watching how nature recovers from such events is truly inspirational and sometimes more than disconcerting.

A particular medium is chosen for each work because it plays a crucial role in the impact the work will have. I work mostly in watercolour because I enjoy the different papers and synthetic surfaces which can be used in this medium.

My ultimate aim is to become so much at one with my medium that the image seems to flow onto the page -

my line will express the utter fluidity and energy that is inherent in the image,

my colours will have a translucence, vibrance and complexity found in the natural world, which sets up its own vibration and

my designs will be strong enough to present my ideas with clarity and emphasis.

Above all I wish to communicate the world in which I live with all its incongruous details and mundane happenings, because this is what I 'see'.