About Ev Hales
Born in Melbourne, Australia, Ev's lifelong with art is an integral part of her life.
Whether in her own unique work or as an art tutor or mentor a love of personal expression is evident in all she does. Starting as a Secondary Art and Craft teacher, majoring in Printmaking, she is a full time artist with some specific teaching stints during the year.

Artistically, Ev's work covers a variety of mediums mostly in the painting and printmaking areas. Watercolour has an enduring fascination with the capricious nature of this medium. She is always exploring new ways to push the boundaries of this art form providing a constant source of challenge and excitement. A recent return to printmaking has allowed techniques and skills from different mediums to come together with a clarity that is exciting. Her monotypes or monoprints are particularly evocative.
Monotype Gallery
Ev's strong sense of design, evident in all her work, led to the publishing of " Australian Orchid Design" a design book for craftspeople which reveals her keen interest in native flora. Take this one step further, or perhaps a thousand steps and you have her "Lunchalot Series". A truly innovative concept. This has been followed by her very latest series based around Escalators which will be on display in May 2012.
Combine this sense of design and her understanding of translucent colour and you have an artist with a breadth of skills at her fingertips.

She has won many prizes for her paintings and has had articles published in a variety of magazines, including Australian Artist, Art Streams. Her latest publictaion is the hard cover book "Ev Hales - A Work In Progress" which charts over four decades of her work - an inspiratiion for all.

Consistently exhibiting over a period of almost thirty years her commitment and development is on going. Her work in the onglaze medium is unique. A particiant in a variety of artistic circles, she has held roles from President down, and is currently involved with the Artists Open Studios program in Nillumbik.
Artists' Open Studios
She is a valued demonstrator and teacher working all around Australia and overseas.

Portugal 2012 painting tour
Painting workshops in Australia
Painting in Turkey 2013
Latest Exhibition - "Static Motion" May 16th - June 10th 2012 at The Light Factory Gallery
The Light Factory Gallery, Eltham

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