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Wonderful Water - All Images Copyright to Ev Hales
Water is essential to life. More than that water refreshs, reflects, soothes, erodes and powers the world. Watercolour is a medium where water actually carries the colour and pigment to the paper. Painting water, as a subject, on paper requires a variety of surfaces from smooth to rough. This helps achieve the effects of the moving and still water. In this selection you see a little of the variety painting water offers the artist. Ocean, magical rock pool, reflected skies, smashing waves and tranquil backwaters. It doesn't matter how the water presents it is just a wonderful challenge to paint and still have that sense of change and movement. I hope you can almost reach out and feel the texture of the water in some of these images. I hope hey take you back to your childhood where you needed no other toys except a puddle to amuse you for hours.

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