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Ev Hales - "Backyard Series"
This series of Giclee prints on paper allow Ev to explore the skills of a traditional painter and the opportunities of the digital technology available to artists today. This series of works, three displayed here , part of a group of five, are developed from a series of watercolours on Yupo based on Ev's bush backyard over this period of extended drought. Each print will be part of a limited edition of 50. They are not reproductions of a painting, this image only exists as the print. Collect all 5 in the series or just one. The size of each work is 50 cms square, printed on Fine Art Paper, 300gms, 100% cotton. Ev plans one series each year of limited edition prints in this form. What is a Giclee Print? Well known to artists for its use in fine art reproduction, Giclée printing is simply, it is the best photo printing and art reproduction method yet devised. Giclée (Gee-clay) is the term given to digital printing using special ink jet printers on a matte material. However, to qualify as a true Giclée print, several conditions must be met. Firstly, the printer must be of a particular type. Typically, a Giclée printer will have 8, or even 12, colour cartridges. At The Giclée Studio, we use the Epson 4800 and 9800. The ink is as important as the printer. After all, that’s what the print actually is. If ink quality is compromised, the quality of the print is compromised. The Giclée Studio does not use third party inks. The quality provided by genuine Epson Ultra Chrome K3 ink is unparalleled. This is a pigment ink, waterproof and UV resistant and a Giclée Studio canvas print can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Providing vibrant colours and subtle tonal gradations, the Epson ink is unequalled for either colour or black and white. Independent testing ( has shown that, when properly displayed, colour prints will last for 80+ years and Black and White will last 200+ years, without appreciable deterioration.
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